Is Bowling Right for You?


Do you like sports but don’t like long practices every day? Bowling is a unique sport, with only one practice a week. Bowlers can enjoy a sense of community or competition, depending on who they bowl with or how good they are. If you want to go bowling with friends every Wednesday for free, then show up and bowl with them. If you want to get better at bowling, there’s ways you can do that too.

While not everyone cares about being on the varsity team or getting better at bowling, there are ways to do that. For me, when I joined the bowling team as a sophomore, I consistently bowled sub-100 scores. After receiving advice from an experienced bowler, my scores jumped up to around 150. Now, I am on the varsity team and I can consistently bowl around 175 and break over 200 occasionally. All that was necessary for me to improve was some help from another bowler, the coach, and for me to practice and apply that advice.

If you’re not in bowling for the competitive aspect, bowling practice is still a great time to socialize and bowl for a couple hours a week. Plenty of people are on the team for the community aspect. For senior Kenson Fuller, bowling is great because it doesn’t take up too much time. “[Bowling] doesn’t take much time so I have more time for lifting.” Bowling with friends is great fun, especially when it’s free.