Tech Team Spotlight




The Pella High School tech team has been hard at work in the shadows to make sure that all events hosted at the school run smoothly. The future of the team is a big concern with 9 of its 16 members being upperclassmen. The spotlight has now been put on them. In this piece you may discover that the tech team might be the right fit for you.

Tech team members go through an initial training phase that starts at the beginning of the school year, but they are accepting new members throughout the year. Members can expect to learn everything regarding the events they run, some of these things being, the light board, sound board, and mic setup. Besides learning stuff to do with tech, members can expect to learn life skills as well. Senior Nathan Rhinehart, a leader of the team, believes that being on Tech Team teaches “responsibilities like showing up on time, knowing what you are supposed to have done and when, time management, and timing.”

Throughout the year the tech team runs many different events.  

“We run every choir, band, and orchestra concerts of all grades,” said Rhinehart. “We also run apprenticeship nights, general unescorted events, such as dance, and this year the tulip queen announcement, Dutch Masters, show choirs, jazz band and all of that sort of stuff.” 

The Tech Team is pretty laid back, and doesn’t have intensive time requirements. Their are training/meetings every Friday during iLearn B. You are only required to run 2 events a semester. Being on the Tech Team also has its benefits.

“Service hours is the big one. You get lots of free service hours, and on top of that some events are paid($10 an hour),” said Rhinehart.  “You can also get a lot of job and work experience.” 

If you are interested in a laid back experience, learning tech skills, filling service hours and occasionally getting paid, tech team might be for you.