Taylor Swift Era’s Tour


The Taylor Swift Era’s Tour has been all over the internet, and there is a reason people are raving about it. This is not only Taylor’s first tour in five years, but she is also “taking a journey through the musical eras of my career,” as she explained on Good Morning America. This means that she is performing all of her albums! For Swifty’s this is a very big deal. 

It was definitely a struggle for fans trying to get tickets. There was an extremely high demand for the tickets on ticketing systems and not enough ticket inventory to meet that demand. On November 15, there were so many people trying to get tickets at once that the ticketmaster crashed and tweeted, “ The Era’s Tour has been canceled.” Fans were going wild when they heard about this, it was all over every social media platform. 

As of right now, ticketmaster is up and running with no problems. Ticketmaster even said that hundreds of thousands of tickets have been sold since the crash.

There are people from Pella High school going to this concert; senior Lillian Davidson is one of them. Davidson said she was very excited to go! She said that she is very excited to see Taylor’s custom outfits from every era and to also see the crowds outfits because they will be going all out for this. Unfortunately, she was one of thousands of people who had problems getting the tickets. She said that her mom was in the waiting room, or the “Queue,” right when it opened up, and she finally got them at 4:00 p.m. that day. Lillian was so excited to go she made sure to text her mom for updates every five minutes. 

Junior Jessa DeNooy is also going to the concert. She said that her and her six friends managed to get tickets, which is very fortunate considering how much of a struggle it was. DeNooy’s mom logged into the “Queue” at 10 a.m. and had the same problems as Lillian. On the ticketmaster website it said to not refresh or exit out of the website, so her mom did not. She had to keep her phone on all day. Finally, at 4:45 her mom got the tickets! She also said that within an hour the amount of people ahead of them to get their tickets went from 2000 to 986, so 1014 people bought their tickets in that hour. “I’m super excited about the concert, my friends and I have wanted to do this since 7th grade and now we all get to do this together,”  quoted Jessa. Clearly, the Era’s Tour is a big deal for a lot of people.