Athlete Spotlight: Q + A With Chase Lauman


Quinn Gruver, Reporter

Chase Lauman is one of the best distance runners to ever come through this school. He’s a 3-time state champion, 7 time state event qualifier in track. He has 5 blue standards already this year and broke the school record in the mile this season. I got the chance to sit down with him and pick his brain and ask him some fun questions and questions about the season. 


Q: What has been your all time favorite moment in either track or cross country?  

A: “Last cross country season because I got to be a leader and contribute to a state championship.” 

Q: Do you have any pre-race traditions?  

A: “I don’t have one.”

Q: What’s your go to pre game song?  

A: “Chunky by Bruno Mars”

Q: What motivates you to perform well?  

A: “Teammates because I want to do well for them to help the team win.”

Q:What type of training does it take to get to the level you’re at?  

A: “Run 6 times a week, 50 miles a week, with multiple hard workouts, doesn’t touch the weight room very often.” 

Q: What are your goals for the end of the season, personal and team?  

A: “team  wise: state champs (screw DCG), conference champs individual: win as many state events for the team, would like to get the 800, 3200, and d med record.”

Q: How long do you think it would take you to drink an average sized above ground pool?  

A: “A year and a half.”

Q: What’s your favorite song on the bus ride home?  

A: “Low Down by Lil Baby.”

Q: If you could put together a 4×100 with only coaches who are the four you’re taking 

A: “1st leg: Coach Anderson because you need an explosive first leg 2nd: Coach Van Hauen because I think he has a little speed to him 3rd: Coach DeKruyff a good person whos young and can eat up the curve Anchor: Coach Versteeg because he’s young and fast.” 

 Q: What are your future plans after high school 

A: “Attend UNI and run cross country and track, and majoring in accounting, go cats!!”