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Meet the Coach: Coach McKinstrey

Xavier Tobin

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment of the season?

A: I think that the biggest accomplishment of the season is that we keep on improving. That is our goal to keep on just improving year after year, trying to become the best team you can potentially be.


Q:What are some goals you have for you individually and as a team?

A:Well  one of my goals as a coach is to try to have a culture or set the tone for the culture for the football team and the football program as a whole. I want to make it a positive culture that kids will want to be involved in. A big goal of mine is to try to teach beyond football. I use football to teach life. It is a game about life. The goal for the team is to keep improving each week. 


Q: What is your favorite part of the Pella community?

A:I think there’s some really neat people here. I really enjoy it. People are willing to help other people out. I think this community wants to do well… I think as a whole the students still want to excel… I think that is what kept me here.


Q: What is one thing you can grow on as a team?

A: I think one thing is we just want to finish well. I really appreciate last year’s team. We went 0-6 last year, and then we won our last three games. We continued to grow… I hope that this year we can  learn how to finish well. 


Q: What is your coaching philosophy

A: We really believe in trust, love, commitment, and faith. I really appreciate the coaches we’ve had in the past. We just want to have a positive culture and atmosphere. 


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