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Luke Hardman Interview
Kennedy Hartson
Luke Hardman and Cam Scholte celebrate after a good play in the varsity game against Fairfield. The Dutch won after a very close game against the Trojans. “It felt good to get a close win at home in a defensive battle,” said Hardman.

Q: What are your favorite parts about basketball so far?

A:My favorite parts of basketball so far are leading the underclassmen and teammates, conditioning to stay in shape, and building a better connection with teammates and coaches.


Q:What type of things that you think that the team could improve on?

A: I think the team could improve defensively, being more aggressive and playing physically without fouling.


Q:Why do you play basketball and why did you continue after your injury? 

A:I play basketball because it’s been a passion of mine since I was in second grade. I continued to play after injury because I enjoy the sport, teammates, and coaches. I also think we can have a lot of success this year and win a state championship.


Q: What is great about playing basketball at Pella?

A:The atmosphere and tradition of Pella basketball is top tier. The coaches are amazing and the gear is very nice. There’s no other program I’d rather play for than Pella High.


Q:What was it like sitting out the 2nd half of last year?

A:Sitting out the remainder of the season was tough and very hard for me to sit and watch. I wasn’t used to sitting and watching, but it helped me take time off of basketball and learn on how I can become a better teammate.


Q:How does playing QB help you with basketball?

A: Playing QB does not play a huge role in helping me with basketball. It does help my IQ and court vision. It also helps me to stay calm in pressuring situations. It helps me with my leadership role, makes me feel confident in leading the underclassmen and teammates.


Q:Is there anything that many people don’t know about you?

A:I am better at left handed finish and layups compared to my right hand. I am very tired before and during games and yawn at least 50 times.


Q:What is it like being a team leader for basketball?

A:  It is fun being a team leader in basketball. I enjoy leading the team in drills and stretches. It’s fun to lead and be around such talented and fun guys to be around.

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