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Best Christmas Movies

Home Alone 

I like the movie a lot. The kid is pretty funny, and it had a lot of thrilling moments. My favorite part of the movie was when the robbers tried breaking into his house, and he hit them with a bowling ball when they were coming up the stairs. This movie is also good for all ages to watch if they want to watch a funny Christmas movie



I would rate this movie a solid 8/10. It was really funny. The best part of the movie is when Buddy the elf was in the snowball fight with the kids and when he ran across and through a snowball while diving and it hit the kid in the face. Overall it was a great movie. The only part I didn’t like was how short it was. I wish it was just a little bit longer. I would recommend this movie to all ages once again.  The movie was really funny and was one of my favorites out of the 5 movies 


The Grinch

This is probably my favorite movie out of the five. I’ve watched this movie many times, and it has never disappointed me. It’s not necessarily a funny movie, but I really enjoyed it. One of my favorite parts of this movie is when the Grinch had the little dog carry all the stolen gifts. I also really like the part where the Grinch returns all of the gifts that he stole. I would rate this movie a 10/10. It was by far my favorite out of all the five, and I would recommend it to all ages.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This movie was very funny and entertaining. I really enjoyed the part when he set up all the lights just for them not to work, but at the end of the movie he got all the lights to work. I would rate this movie and 7/10 it was a good movie but not one of the best. It is also very old, but I still enjoyed it. I watched this movie with my dad, and it’s his favorite Christmas movie. He really loved it. Overall it was a good movie and I would recommend this to a slightly older audience.


Frosty the Snowman

This movie is probably my second favorite movie. It was funny and made me learn a lot of lessons like when the musician lost his hat he did not know that the hat had magic powers, so he did not care until the snowman came to life. I would rate this movie a 8/10 only because it is not in my age group, but I know little kids that love this movie because of the music and the cool colors that it has. The rabbit is cute and funny. 

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