What Rustles my Jimmies: Act I


Welcome to “What Rustles my Jimmies.” This is all about everyone coming together to agree on the most annoying things around. Since school has started, everyone has found an annoying subject around here.The first and most annoying thing everyone has said since school has started: school lunch.


Thanks to the new law from the Congress about eating healthy, the lunch has gotten a complete overhaul on new rules and food. We are now required to have a fruit, an entree, a grain, and milk, decreasing the amount of saturated fat consumed. Anything extra will cost a few extra dollars, so it is better to eat less and eat healthy.


Now, I’m not the one to complain about this because I don’t eat as much, but a lot of people stuff themselves with a bunch of food instead of eating healthy. I only miss the fact that you get soup for salad bar and piling salad on one tray. On the bright side, this helps decrease the chance of gaining weight from eating too much.


Stay tuned for other issues. Hopefully, you can relate to the annoyances here or out in the open world. Thanks for reading!


-Mason DeJong ([email protected])