What Rustles my Jimmies Homecoming Edition


Welcome to “What Rustles my Jimmies” Homecoming 2013!

Homecoming: a full week of celebration. During the week, we celebrate with dress-up days and after-school games and activities during the day. While I celebrate with joy, I come across the most annoying thing: people who don’t care.

Here’s the thing: you DON’T need to dress up on any of the dress-up days, but saying you hate homecoming or not even enjoying any of the nice things of homecoming, that is just sad.

It is o.k. to hate some of the skits and lip syncs, but it just “rustles” me that people don’t even show up and take the opportunity of enjoying the day of the activities/early out. That explodes my “Jimmies” to a point of no return.

Thank you for reading this “What Rustles my Jimmes” first Homecoming Edition! Stay tuned!


-Mason DeJong ([email protected])