What Rustles my Jimmies: Act II


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Welcome back to “What Rustles my Jimmies!” In case you haven’t read the other ones, I write about annoying topics which everyone can agree on.


We all know of “Google Docs,” the document creator from Google, making it easier to make documents, which are also saved. You can also send emails to any student in to their Google Docs account. However, every one from a certain class “Sociology” sends surveys to other students to answer. This has gotten to a point of annoyance for my jimmies.


Every semester, all I see are a bunch of Sociology survey emails cluttering up my mailbox, with students desperate for answers to finish their project. In fact, I have had enough of this. It’s bad enough we get mail from unknown people not in school, but having a bunch of students from one class send emails to students just doesn’t seem to make anything better.


My solution is for students to take a piece of paper and just go around study hall or lunch and ask people those questions. It saves students from annoying emails, and from having to have one too many classmates sending the same email. Please think it. Thanks for reading.


-Mason DeJong ([email protected])