The Teacher Games Day 7 Recap


Fallen tributes day 7

Day 7


In the arena, time almost stands still. For us, the viewers, time merely does the opposite. It has been seven days since our tributes entered the arena looking for the crown. Today, three remain standing, all fighting for one thing: their lives. Over the last three days, two tributes fell,  alliances were destroyed, and tributes were tested to their breaking point.

On the night of day five, Mrs. Jensen found herself alone in the woods. Having just betrayed her only allies in the games, she now relied on only herself to stay alive. The night was cold, colder than usual. The fake sky shone with fake stars, and only the soft sounds of insects could be heard. She quietly set her bag on the soft soil and pulled out her sleeping bag. She rolled it out and grabbed her canteen from her bag. This sip of water would be the last in her canteen, tomorrow she knew she’d have to get moving. She quietly unzipped her sleeping bag and got in. Feeling good about her chances, Mrs. Jensen nodded off into deep slumber. However, Thorson, who was blended in with the brush, made sure she would never wake again.

The death of Mrs. Jensen was quiet;  the only thing that could be heard was the sound of her cannon afterwards. Mr. Van Vark slowly counted the number of deaths on his fingers as the rest of his alliance ate dinner. “Four,” he said softly. Mr. Cutler and Charma looked at him confused. He gave them a concerned look “There are only four tributes left.”  The three looked at each other slowly. “That means that there is only one other person besides us left,” said Cutler. “We could hunt him or her down and make sure that one of us wins!” he said excitedly. “Do you really want it to come down to us?” Charma said with a fearful look in her eye. “I don’t want it to come down to having to kill your own friends,” she said slowly backing away from camp. “It will come to that anyway! Don’t you see we can win?” yells Cutler. Then, something moved behind him. “Not all of us,” said Van Vark ominously. Then, in a split second, Van Vark’s compass found its way into Mr. Cutler. Cutler’s final words were simply, “If there are three tributes left, then you will win.” He smiled and fell over; the cannon sounded.

Charma quickly looked at Van Vark, who still held the compass in his hand. She quickly grabbed a bag from the side of the cornucopia and took off into the dark woods. Van Vark simply turned back to the camp and sat down. His hands trembled with fear and excitement. “Only three remain, I can do this, I can win the games,” he thought to himself. He slowly fell into a deep slumber as the night grew darker.

Back in the school, Gamemaster Hancock sits at his desk, watching the final three. He looks at the map and sees that all three are in different parts of the arena. He smirks as his hand goes to the control board. He pushes some keys and sets a time for noon the next day. “You all think you are content now, but just wait till tomorrow,” he said with a maniacal laugh. “It’s time for a game changer.” His hand strikes the enter key.


Tune into the for the finale as the games conclude tomorrow! Vote now on the final three tributes! The teacher with the most votes will be crowned the victor of the 2nd Annual Teacher Games!


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Van Vark