What Rustles my Jimmies 1


Our once beloved senior parking lot.

Hi, welcome to a reboot of “What Rustles my Jimmies!”  The last installment was posted during the winter of 2013,. Back by popular demand, I’m here to tell you about  a problem that started during the beginning of the school year.

No, not the lunch, that was last year;  although it is still a problem. No, it’s not about the heat.  The school still has no A/C, but it’s getting cooler. Don’t you know yet?  Think harder as you park in what was once the senior parking lot. If you don’t have the answer by now, you are either an underclassman, walk to school, or ride the bus. It’s the little parking problem.

Now, I have to admit, I parked in what used to be senior lot a few times last year when the school enforced it. A few underclassmen wouldn’t hurt anybody because most of the seniors were already at school. This year, more underclassmen are parking up on what used to be the senior lot, and it’s outrageous!

I wish we could just have senior parking again, but I’m starting to think it is just this year, and underclassmen will get the senior parking next year. I hope we can just have our parking back.  I’m tired of walking up from the lower lot. What happened to senior priority? Annoying? More like outrageous! My jimmies may have been more than rustled, more like “broken.”  Thanks for reading!