1 on 1 with Grant Judkins


Junior Grant Judkins has always been a fan of the game of baseball. Judkins has dedicated his life to becoming the best player he can be, and so far, it’s working pretty well. Judkins received a prestigious 9/10 recruiting rating from a baseball showcase he attended after clocking a 87 miles per hour fastball. Judkins has been on varsity baseball since his freshman year, receiving numerous all-conference and all-state honors. Judkins has also received countless letters of interest from colleges all over the country. To sum everything up, Grant Judkins is good at baseball. I spoke with Grant about his thoughts on his baseball filled life.

Q: You play for the Perfect Game organization.  What exactly is Perfect Game?

A: “Perfect game is an organization that gives mainly high school baseball players a better opportunity to be seen by colleges and play baseball after the high school level.”


Q: What are some of your feelings towards playing for Perfect Game?

A: “I‘ve really enjoyed Perfect Game these last few years. Some good things are I get to meet new people and travel around playing baseball. A bad thing is that I’m gone every weekend during the season.”


Q: How long is your baseball season?

A: “It starts in late August and ends in late October. Also in the spring, I play in a perfect game league.”


Q: You have recently returned home from a trip from Florida.  How did that go?

A: “I got to go to Florida this year with my team. We played from Thursday until Monday. It’s fun because so many teams that you’ve never played before are down here for this huge tournament. I think it’s close to 250 teams in the tournament. After we are done playing for the day, we get to hang out and do whatever- like go to the beach or just relax. The weather was great too.”


Q: What are your feelings towards this upcoming Pella baseball season?

A: “I’m really looking forward to this upcoming baseball season. I think we could be really good. We had a really good year last year and could be just as good or even better this year. We have many returning players as well as some new guys that can step up and help us. It could be a fun year.”


Q: When you were in Florida, you were invited to another tournament in a few weeks. What are your thoughts on that?

A: “I’m really looking forward to going back down to Florida. The tournament is probably one of the biggest tournaments since it’s all the classes and not just the underclass. Not every team qualifies for this tournament so it’s a great opportunity.”


Judkins will have a next few months filled with baseball related activities, and will be ready to go for the Dutch baseball this upcoming spring.

• Jackson Scholten ([email protected])