Pelladium Chooses Feminism

It is not uncommon for the term feminism to be misinterpreted as being a movement only for women. Feminism means rights for all which includes: women, men, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you have to be a woman. Equal rights includes everyone’s rights. Everyone can be a feminist, but sometimes, they’re seen as being radical. Again, this is not the case. Yes, people can take feminism to an extreme.  They can espouse the idea that “men are bad” and try to get away with it, but it isn’t what true feminism is.

Equal rights issues can come up anywhere, like a school or the workplace. In the workplace, equal pay is a major issue. Women make 79 cents of the dollar a man makes doing the same job. If equal pay is going to happen, it won’t be until 2059 according to This is insane because in 1963 there was an Equal Pay Act passed, but women still make only 77-79% of what a man makes and the gap is even worse if you factor in race and age.

Sexual harassment is also a problem in the workplace. The #MeToo movement is encouraging women to report sexual harassment and unite to fight the problem.  We as a Pelladium staff chose to write about feminism for our center spread because we want to see change in our world today, much like our last edition about changing our Earth. Our generation is ready to change the world,  and it starts with all of us. Feminism starts with you.