New Teachers


Brenna Hildebrand

There are eight new teachers at Pella High.  These new staff members include: Ashton Yossi (Math), Audra Turner (Science), Emily Bearns (English), Carrie Birkhofer (French), Brent Bambrook (Industrial Technology), Juan Munoz (Spanish), Tanya Bouma (Student Resources) and Stephanie Graham (Orchestra).

“I’m a new teacher at the district, but this is my 10th year of teaching overall,” said Birkhofer, “I taught English overseas for 5 years (in Turkey, France and China) then 4 years of French in Denison, Iowa.”

Birkhofer teaches French and isn’t the only new teacher that has taught overseas.  Bearns also taught overseas in Egypt, Kazakhstan, China and Saudi Arabia. She is enjoying teaching in Pella.

This first week has gone well for me. I really like the students at Pella. Students are kind, and they have many interests. I look forward to getting to know them better. Also, the staff at Pella is great to work with,” said Bearns.

Yossi is a first year teacher, who recently graduated from…..

“This is my first year of teaching, and the first few weeks at a new place are tough to get settled in,” said Yossi. “The best part about being here is having such a welcoming staff and community.”

There are struggles for all teachers, whether they are first teachers or experienced teachers, when going into a different school district.  Turner used to teach at Iowa Valley junior and senior high.

“The struggle in coming to a new school district is everything is new. I am making friends, learning names of faculty and students, policies are different, all the things that teachers do outside of teaching are different. But I think it is fun meeting new people and meeting the challenges that I come across.”

•Drake Beard, [email protected]