Freehand Shapes

Freehand Shapes

Brenna Hildebrand


Half Generation Z could not go a day without mentioning Harambe’s name, and the other half are wondering who Harambe is. Harambe is the gorilla who got shot because a kid crawled into his tank on May 28. Zoo keepers shot him because he was supposedly dragging the kid through water. After the news of Harambe died down, Generation Z picked up on the phrase, “RIP Harambe.”



Memes are pictures of awkward pictures or things that travel around the internet or on social media. They travel from all across the internet, usually being something of the sort that someone, not in our generation, wouldn’t find cool.


Water Bottle Flipping

Generation Z is just really into physics because you see all these boys throwing water bottles trying to land it on the table upright. The start of this was a viral video of a high schooler doing a talent show. For his act he walked up to a small table and flipped the water bottle, and it landed upright. Thus, leading the trend of water bottle flipping. Don’t forget haters will say it’s fake!

•Tiffany VanGilst, [email protected]