The Best Ice Cream Places in the Pella Area

A poll was sent out to 750 students; 81 students replied. According to PHS students these are the top 5 places to go for ice cream.


Voted #1: Jersey Freeze ( 31% )

“It has the most diverse menu of any ice cream place I have ever been to in the state of Iowa that is open annually. Also the fact that they bring in a lot of money for the community that they belong to, and I have never had a bad experience there. Plus the fact that they have a drive through and a walk up option is really nice for both people just passing through and the ones who want to sit down and hangout with their friends or family.”  – Junior Lacy Bainum


Voted #2: DeScoop ( 20% )

“DeScoop has a good ice cream flavor and flavor burst. They have one of the best raspberry flavors I’ve ever had.” – Freshman Abby Brand

Voted # 3: Culvers ( 15% )

  • “Culver’s ice cream is very sweet and has lots of good toppings that can be included on your ice cream.” – Freshman Reanna DeVries 

Voted #4: Smokey Row ( 10% ) 

  • “I like their more obscure flavors such as their Bear Caramel Creek and Jolted Cow.” – Junior Caitlyn McCracken 

Voted #5: Frosty Udder ( 7% )

  • “They give you a lot of ice cream for a reasonable price.” – Freshman Emily Houstin.

Special write in vote for Riley Halverson’s Ice Cream Shop.  According to sophomore Riley Halverson, it has “the best ice cream.”