Stage Crew


Gabi Criscuolo

Show Choir is one of the most popular extracurriculars at Pella High with over 100 participants. AcaPella, the varsity show choir has a very intricate show with amazing props. Yet who helps the show run so smoothly? Who are the mystery people behind, under, and beside the stage? That’s right, the stage crew. Dressed in all black and being as stealthy as possible, the stage crew works hard to keep AcaPella’s show running flawlessly.

The duties of stage crew varies from person to person. The entire stage crew is responsible for helping set up and tear down. This year both show choirs have backdrops. Parent volunteers are vital to make sure that it gets set up fast to meet the time limit, and during the show, the stage crew helps to keep the backdrop stable due to rocky risers. Many other stage crew members are responsible for helping performers change quickly, so that they can meet their cues.

The two most popular effects include when senior Tate Petty changes between his Colonel Mustard Costume and into the Mr. Body costume in order to play both roles.  The stage crew has to lay out his clothes in order to make this transition happen as quickly as possible. Another popular effect is when the sound and smoke of the Co2 cannons signify the death and coming back of Mr. Body. Freshman Colby VanGorp helps man the cannons.  It is very important that the cannons turn on in time to hide Mr. Body, so the crowd won’t uncover the secret. The stage crew brings them together.

“Being in stage crew is a great way to make friends and be a part of Acapella’s amazing show,” said VanGorp.