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    Around this time every year, school is wind-
    ing down and summer vacation looms over

    highschoolers everywhere. However, seniors
    are struggling to finish out their last year, due
    to an outbreak of senioritis. Senioritis is a
    condition that only affects students in the 12th
    grade, and symptoms usually include a lack of
    motivation, loss of desire to show up to class,

    procrastinating or not completing assign-
    ments, and an inability to care about school.

    Senioritis could be caused by students
    being worried about life after high school or
    the uncertainty of college life that is looming
    over them, while still having to deal with high
    school classes and grades. Senioritis isn’t just

    found in seniors who are considered “bad stu-
    dents,” but also in students who are knowingly

    going to pass a class and are just trying to
    get by with pass- ing grades

    until graduation.
    According to studies done
    by Amador Valley Today, 78
    percent of high school seniors

    have either dealt with senior-
    itis or are currently dealing

    with it now.
    If you think you might have senioritis, some
    things you can do to get rid of it are trying to
    get involved as much as possible in school and
    finding subjects and topics that are interesting
    to you or trying new extracurricular activities
    that might challenge you and keep your mind

    engaged. Students should try to get rid of se-
    nioritis as soon as possible, because college

    application offices are still looking at grades

    from students’ senior years, and it isn’t uncom-
    mon for colleges to rescind admission offers

    if someone’s grades suffer in their senior year.
    Although senioritis is seemingly spreading
    everywhere, finding ways to get
    through it aren’t hard to find.

    Just remember to turn in assign-
    ments on time, do your best on

    your last tests and try to finish
    the year on a high note.

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