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Staying Fit in Quarantine

So we are all in quarantine right now and a lot of us don’t really know what to do. Most of us are staying up super late and waking up super late, and our sleep schedules are way off. With that happening, it’s really hard to find motivation. We wake up sometime in the afternoon. […]

Social Distancing Affecting Climate Change

Schools are closing, workers are asked to stay home, and concerts and sporting events are put on hold to help slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). But what you may not know about all of these changes is, social distancing may cause an unexpected change in climate change. As the nation adjusts many of […]

State Wrestling 2020

Pella High School has sent at least one wrestler to the state tournament consecutively for many years. This year was no exception when first year wrestler, junior, Kody Huisman, placed second at the district tournament weighing in at 220 pounds. His districts consisted of a hard fought loss to Kaleb Runyon of Southeast Polk, ranked […]

Courtney Thompson the Solo Senior

Q-Since this is your 4th year playing with the Lady Dutch, which year was your favorite year to play? A-I think this has been my favorite season to play. Our team this year is very very close and that makes it very fun, but also the girls on this team work very hard and push […]

GRWM for Winter Formal

You may think that ALL high school girls take 5 hours to get ready, especially for a dance. However, every girl is different. In these videos, you will see the difference of how senior Cassidy Reed and freshman Tatum Tierney get ready for Winter Formal.

Tulip Time Court Announcement: Q & A

Hanna Kendall: How did you feel when it was announced that you were Tulip Queen? I was so surprised when my name was announced! Once the shock went away, I just felt super thankful and honored that I was chosen. How did you prepare for the announcement? All the girls had to prepare a 3-minute […]

December Staff Editorial

Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year! Everyone is joyful as they get to see loved ones. People give gifts to one another and celebrate Christ’s birth. But, was Christmas even a Christian holiday in the first place? Where did the idea of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth come from? Long before Christ was even […]

Coprorate Christmas

Some businesses started decorating for Christmas even before Halloween this year. Stores, big and small, around the United States have been promoting Christmas early. But, why do they do this? Big stores start marketing early to promote layaway and get people thinking about the holidays. Christmas has more retailers than any other holiday. If you […]

DMACC Associates Degree

On October 24, Principal Eric Nelson proposed a program to the school board that would provide Pella students the opportunity to graduate from high school with a DMACC Associate’s Degree. For students to graduate with a full associate’s degree, they will need to have at least 64 credits. Along with the 64 credits, one will […]

The Return of American Muscle

During the early 1970s, the British bragged about how they were producing cars with over 100 horsepower. At the same time, American cars had over 350 horsepower, but that is none of my business (If you just imagined Kermit the Frog drinking tea, we can be friends).This era in time was commonly referred to as […]