Mr. Body Interview


Kobe Diers

Q: Can you describe your role as Mr. Body?

A: The theme of the Acapella show choir this year is “What Happened to Mr. Body?”, so it’s like the board game “Clue.” In the old instruction booklet, it says that the dead person’s name is “Mr. Body,” so we decided that the show would be at a party hosted by Mr. Body, and the whole show would be trying to figure out what happens to him. I’m that character. I sing a couple of solos, and I go missing and that’s what the whole show is about.

Q: What do you use as inspiration?

A: My character is supposed to be really crazy and kind of out-there, so I looked at movies with really funny, crazy villains such as the Joker from Batman. Also, I just try to have fun, and anything that looks goofy I try to do it.

Q: What do enjoy the most about show choir?

A: It’s just really fun to perform for an audience and feel the feedback and hear the applause and that kind of stuff.

Q: What is biggest challenge as Mr. Body?

A: Changing costumes is the most challenging part of the whole affair. After I disappear, I have to get off stage and change from one suit to another suit in the course of only half of a song, and I have to do that twice throughout the show.