Smart Lunch in Other Schools

Smart Lunch in Other Schools

Lily Pumphrey

Smart Lunch is seen by administrators as being a great way to teach students to take personal responsibility for their academics, and Pella High isn’t the only school that’s catching on. Schools across Iowa and America are beginning to implement the Smart Lunch program.

One such school is Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At Kennedy High School, Smart Lunch is sixty minutes with a five minute passing period. Similar to Smart Lunch at Pella High, students use half of that time to eat lunch and the other half to study, meet with teachers, or participate in clubs or other activities. Students at Kennedy High School are expected to attend a minimum of four study sessions with teachers per term but are encouraged to attend as many study sessions as they require. In addition, Kennedy High School offers intramural sports for students during this time.

Another high school using the Smart Lunch program is Smoky Mountain High School in Sylva, North Carolina. They first began the program during the 2015-2016 school year. At Smoky Mountain High School, Smart Lunch is a period in the middle of the day that allows students to work with teachers in small, specialized groups. Smart Lunch also allows time for students to work on homework and projects.

Different schools may have different approaches to Smart Lunch, but the idea of giving students time to eat, study, and receive help from teachers remains constant.