Pelladium Movie Review: Annabelle Creation


Kaleb Lyons

Annabelle Creation is the prequel to The Annabelle series. Going into the theater, I was excited to view this film. I had enjoyed the first film in the series and I hoped the prequel would lead well into the first movie. Personally, I wasn’t very satisfied.

Before you read on, there are spoilers ahead. If you enjoy horror movies this doesn’t go to say that this isn’t a good one, this is merely my opinion!

The movie started with a spooky vibe with the father being a dollmaker (dolls don’t have a good reputation in most horror films. Other than that, the beginning of the movie isn’t intense, it just lays the grounds for later in the movie, shadows a few characters, and oh yes, absolutely annihilates the families head!

Any scary film can throw jumpscares at the audience but this movie has problems doing to too much. After the scene where the family’s daughter is killed the movie stops being scary for the next hour. After this hour has passed, The movie throws a jumpscare at you every single chance it gets. At a certain point, the movie stops progressing the plot and is only trying to scare you and this a major concern.

The movie becomes fairly predictable after the first character has been killed off. It just turns into the evil girl trying to murder the remainder of the characters and the other characters trying to survive.

In the end, the movie wasn’t awful, it just kind of disappointed. If I had to give the movie one compliment it would be the use of the crippled girl. At first glance one would think that she is just an easy target, an easy kill for the main antagonist. I was surprised to find out that the antagonist would use the crippled girl to kill the others.

To conclude, the movie wasn’t great but it also wasn’t awful. If you enjoy Annabelle, or scary movies in general I would recommend the watch. If scary movies aren’t quite your cup of tea and you are deciding if you want to go watch it, then saving your money might be the best call.