5 Wacky Conspiracy Theories


Isaac Zeimetz

5. The Reptilian Elite – We’ve all heard of the top 1% of wealthy Americans, but did you know that they are all evil reptile aliens. From Barack Obama to Queen Elizabeth, everyone is secretly related by reptilian blood from space. This theory was developed by David Icke, a former BBC radio and television host. After being fired from his job, Icke joined the Green Party in the U.K. where he found he began to develop his theory based on his observations. It became apparent to him that the mass populace had been tricked by the space lizards, and who knows? Maybe we are.

4. JFK Assassination – John F. Kennedy’s assassination has been a point of contention for many historians throughout the years. Many experts and other theorists believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone when he murdered JFK. Many believe this because of the mysterious trajectory of the bullets fired by Harvey. The theories surrounding this event range from government cover up to blaming the Illuminati.

3. The New World Order – The New World Order is a secretive organization with the goal in conquering the Earth through covert actions. The theory first arose with two American groups: the Anti-government Militarists and the fundamentalists Christians. These groups primarily focused on the anti-Christ leading to the end times of the world. Since then, many groups have adopted this idea of the New World Order. Many believe that the New World Order employs many agents such as the Illuminati and aliens.

2. Chemtrails – Ever notice the strange smoke left behind by planes? Well, according to some conspiracist, this white smoke is believed to be a chemical weapon used by the U.S. government to influence us through mind control or poison us. The scientific community has been fighting to disprove this theory; however, no one will listen to them.

1. Flat Earth – Flat Earth Theory says that the Earth is not a sphere, but completely flat as believed by ancient human society. Flat Earthers use scientific explanations to expose the true shape of the Earth.