Which Grade is Actually “The Worst”?


Lily Pumphrey

Which grade is actually the worst: a question that has plagued high schoolers since the inception of high school itself. According to the students of Pella High, the sophomores are. Why? According to a junior, “They’re loud and when I have classes with them, I notice they’re often disrespectful to the teacher and don’t work hard.”

A freshman seemed to agree. “I’ve heard about a lot of bad things that they do, and whenever I talk to them, they don’t really seem that friendly. Not all are bad, but most of the time I feel like they’re getting into trouble and doing inappropriate things and making bad jokes.”

Freshmen came in at a close second. “They crowd the hallways and get mad when we tell them not to,” said a sophomore.

“They tend to act immature at times. They don’t take things seriously like an upperclassman would,” agreed a junior.

Regardless of which grade is actually the worst, everyone is learning, growing, and changing throughout high school. High school is a time to establish yourself and discover who you are, and doing things along the way that are perceived as “annoying” is part of that process for everyone, no matter what grade they are in.