Knights of Columbus Raises Money for PHS Special Education Department


Ally Proninia

Pella High School’s special education department recently received 7,962 dollars from the Knights of Columbus. For special education departments in Pella, the Knights have been raising money for nineteen years. The check for $7,962 was presented to Lorri Grubb, Head of the Special Education Department, at the basketball game on December 8.

It was amazing to see the generous amount the community was able to donate to our special education program in the district through the Knights of Columbus’ Campaign for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities! This year’s donation of nearly $8,000 is just mind-blowing!” Grubb commented.

To raise the money, the Knights of Columbus hand out tootsie rolls every year outside of stores and ask local businesses for donations. Another thing the Knights did to raise the money, was an athletic challenge. Sports teams from Pella Community High and Pella Christian High set up stands outside stores to sell tootsie rolls. The team that wins the most money wins a trophy.

“The money is distributed among the special education departments in each of the district’s school buildings.  The business office allocates the amounts based on the number of Level III students at each building and increases their budgets respectively.  It’s not up to me to decide how to spend the donation.  In the past, each teacher has requested to use it based on the needs of equipment for students, special programs, community experience outings, classroom materials, curriculum, and so on.  Everything the money is used for is directly for to enhance the students’ educational experience,” elaborated Grubb.

Joe Lickteig, a member of Knights of Columbus, says the group plans to continue raising money for special education departments. They are hoping to raise even more money year next school year as the fall will mark the Knights 20th-anniversary raising money for Pella’s special education departments.