How to ace your summer job interview


Harley Atchison

With summer fast approaching, many students are scrambling to find jobs to make some extra money. In order to get a job, you not only need to apply, but you (usually) have to be interviewed as well. Interviews are tricky, but also the key to landing your job. Here’s five tips to ace the interview stage.

  1. Be professional. Even if the job you’re going for is lower-key on dress code, it doesn’t hurt to wear something that looks put together and professional. Even a dress or a nicer shirt will do. In addition, show up early. Giving yourself nine to ten minutes to prepare, will help you gain an edge.
  2. Play to your strengths. If an interviewer asks a particularly tough question, highlight your strengths in the topic. If you can communicate well, give examples. If you can write or sell items well, tell them that!
  3. Be a storyteller. If an interviewer asks you a question asking to demonstrate your strengths, give them a specific story to back up why you’re strong in that area.
  4. Ask questions. Asking questions shows that you’re engaged and interested in the company and the interviewer. Try to avoid asking questions about salary, but definitely ask when you can expect to hear back from them.

Give a handshake. Make sure the handshake is firm and business-professional. The handshake is their last impression of you.