Staff Goodbye to Veteran Seniors of Pelladium


Allison Clark

With graduation coming up, the Pelladium staff is saying goodbye to two longtime staff members, Harley Atchison and Ally Pronina. Both of these girls have worked hard throughout their time on staff to make the Pelladium what it is today. As a journalism team, we are very excited to see where the future will take them.

Harley Atchison, who joined the Pelladium her freshman year, is one of our senior editors this year. As editor, she oversees pages, assigns stories and works on the cover page of each edition. Also, this year, Harley wrote the column “A Dime for Your Time.” She started off her columnist career her freshman year when she wrote a column called “Chick Clicks” with Brenna Hildebrand. According to Harley, newspaper has given her the tools to talk to people, synthesize information, and research. Harley plans on majoring in Communications with a possible minor in Marketing at the University of Iowa.

Another senior this year, Ally Pronina, has been with the Pelladium since her sophomore year. Ally is a jack of all trades at the Pelladium. She has written news articles, edited pages, and made videos. Also, Ally has a column called “Through the Eyes of Ally.”  According to Ally, the Pelladium has taught her that everyone has a story worth telling. Ally plans to go to the University of Iowa to study psychology with a certificate for disabilities studies. In the future, she wants to be a psychologist who works with people with special needs. She may also pursue something writing related.

As we say goodbye to Harley and Ally, the Pelladium would like to announce that next year the senior editors will be Gavin Klein, Allison Clark, and Tiffany Van Gilst. Klein, Clark, and Van Gilst are excited to continue improving the Pelladium and working with the staff to be the best journalism team possible.