Pella High welcomes new debate team


Zandra Spiker

Resolved: The United States should accede to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea without reservations is the first topic up for debate for the Pella High Debate Team. Despite being complicated, it’s a good starting debate question for new students; preparing them for long, difficult arguments in the season to come according to Coach Suzanne Jones.

“It is hard, but this is a good time in American history to learn how the United Nations works,” said Jones.

Jones believes debate has a long-lasting positive impact on students due to the competitive nature and has her own son as proof of this.

“My son had a great experience with debate at PHS, and he is currently a Political Science major who is planning on earning a Ph.D. [in Political Science]. I think that some of his interest in this field is due to debate,” Jones stated.

Jones believes debate to be an important club to offer to students due to the current political state of our country.

“Debate demands that students learn both sides of an issue, and be able to argue both sides of an issue,” said Jones.  “Our country is very divided politically, so being able to understand an opposing viewpoint is a valuable skill.”