Venom Movie Review


Hailey Sundby

Venom is an action-filled, suspenseful movie. It is playing at Pella Cinemas until Thursday, October 25.  Personally, I have never really enjoyed movies that were like this. I usually enjoy romance, comedy, and horror movies. However, Venom was a really great movie with lots of plot twists, leaving you on your toes the whole time.

The movie Venom is very similar to the movie Spiderman with the whole transformation of the people and how the movie was played out. From watching both Spiderman and Venom, I happened to enjoy Venom a lot more. This was because the actors did a very very good job acting and it was more suspenseful.

The movie Venom is about a man named Eddie Brock who is trying to prove that Carlton Drake was merging alien specimens with human. He ends up getting fired from his job after humiliating Carlton on a live interview without sufficient proof. He remains struggling with no money and no job until one of Carlton Drake’s employees calls and asks him to help because she couldn’t stand watching people die because their bodies couldn’t merge with the alien specimens and needed his help. He ends up agreeing and sneaks into the laboratory with her to gather evidence. While doing this his body ends up merging with one of the alien specimens, and that’s when all the action begins.
Venom is rated 4.3 out of 5 star rating on rotten tomatoes. Making the movie Venom cost 100 million dollars; however, globally they made 205.2 million, and it’s still increasing.