Frozen 2 Review


Bryleigh De Jong

For six years, adults and kids alike have been anticipating the sequel to Frozen which became one of the most famous animated movies of this decade. 

Frozen 2 takes place 3 years after the events of Frozen. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are back and better than ever. The “family” embarks on a new journey outside the world of Arendelle and dives into the past. 

There are twists and turns all along the way to their destination. You really have to watch the entire movie to actually understand what’s going on.  The plot of the movie went very fast, so you really can’t enjoy every moment with all the changes and transformations happening in the story. 

The directors and writers of the film wanted to target kids and young adults because six years ago, we were kids also. It is more mature and darker than expected because you think it is going to be a happy movie about Anna and Elsa being great sisters and Olaf’s summer-loving personality. However, Olaf’s humor and personality are more adult-like and Anna and Elsa have sisterly love but fight again, unfortunately. 

Was it worth making another movie? I think in general sequels are unnecessary and sequels can be very bad. However, Frozen 2 blew me and my nervous sister away with the amazing animation and awesome plot. The movie was not needed, but many people wanted the sequel, like me. The sequel is great for both sides because the people got what they wanted, and Disney made some money. 

When I watched Frozen 6 years ago when I was 9 years old, I fell in love with the characters and the music. Frozen 2 brought back the love of each character and new, infectious music that sadly gets stuck in your head, again. The film has more music than in the first movie, and I believe Elsa’s songs will become very popular but won’t become the next “Let It Go.” You can’t beat or try to make a new song as popular as “Let It Go.” “Into the Unknown,” “Show Yourself,”  and “Lost in the Woods,” all have a catchy tune that makes you want to nod your head along.

Frozen 2 is a great movie for all ages with songs everyone will hum in their heads …. in a good way! It brings nostalgic, making you want to be young again and not have any worries like Olaf. If you want to watch it sometime soon, I would recommend that teenagers should watch it at night instead of the afternoon because there are children in the afternoon who talk to their grandparents more than needed.