Staff Ed: The End of an Era


Grayson Parisee

As the decade comes to a close, we’re thinking over the past ten years that have shaped who we are, filled us with defining memories, given us our values and passions, and have taught us invaluable lessons. For most high schoolers, this decade is really all we remember. As humans, we tend to fixate on the negative times of our lives, whether that be the loss of a loved one, a move to a new school, or a falling out with a friend that we no longer speak to.

As we begin a new decade, the one where many of us will start jobs and begin families, the Pelladium is issuing a challenge to all students: to remember the good times and cherish those around us. We have to learn from our past and all the negative memories that come with it so that in the future, we can become stronger, kinder members of society. It may not seem like it, but high school is a time of immense personal growth. The lessons our teachers and coaches teach us aren’t just about the material in the class, but more importantly, they’re teaching us how to be responsible for our actions and our words. The Pelladium challenges all of you to reach out to that friend that you’re not all that close with, give your parents an extra hug this week, and tell your teachers you appreciate them. At the Pelladium, we firmly believe that anything you do in life is what you make of it, so let’s all try to make this next decade a good one.