Q&A with Beckel over Quarantine Changes


Q: What do your days look like now that we’re not physically in the school?

A: Most of my days are spent in front of a computer screen at Google Hangout meetings, broken up by times chasing my little guy, Hank, around the house. I am a people person so I have really been missing the students and staff. The hangouts help because I can at least see people I miss talking to (while wearing pajama pants). 

Q: What have been some of the challenges you and the rest of the staff have faced? 

A: Social isolation has been the hardest for most people. It has been hard for me to think about how this has created worry for families. We want education to be the bright spot for students and families. It has also been hard not to stop somewhere for donuts and an energy drink every day! 

Q: What resources or other schools have you looked at when making decisions about our school’s path for the rest of the year?

A: We have looked for guidance from the Department of Education and Governor Reynolds every step of the way. 

Q: How has this changed your goals for your first year at Pella High?

A: I don’t think that any of my goals have changed. This has been a learning year for me, and through this time, I have learned how truly great our teaching staff is. I have learned how very supportive our parents are. I have learned how driven (most) of our students are, and I have learned how “tough” Pella really is. I guess my goal is that we have all learned what we can do, and that we have new tools to apply to the future that will make us even better!

Q: What do you hope for our students to learn and take away from this?

A: I hope students have learned to be resilient through tough times, and to keep their “eyes on the horizon” during tough times. I also hope that students learn how much they really valued being “with” the people in their lives, and what it really means to be present. Sometimes we can get caught up on social media and work that we forget that our personal interactions matter. I also hope that students place a greater value on school, teachers, librarians, coaches, custodians, or any other public service worker. Lastly, I hope that families are closer, and have learned the value of slowing things down a little and enjoying each other while we are on this earth together.