Hybrid Learning


Hybrid learning is a mystery to us all. After going online in the spring last year, the teachers and administrators learned what works best when it comes to teaching virtually. Now as students are quarantining, the need for online school is even more important. Hybrid learning would require us to use our knowledge of virtual classes to be able to continue school in the safest way possible.

Hybrid learning would be a combination of online and in person school. Going hybrid would help us distance ourselves in classrooms along with limiting the number of kids in the school at any given time. 

Greg Ebeling, Pella’s superintendent, said, “There is a chance we could go hybrid, but right now it is not looking very likely.” 

Pella’s number of students absent has been very low, and the number is not dramatically rising. The administration does have a set plan in case going hybrid schooling becomes necessary. 

Ebeling described this plan, “We would split the student body into two groups: A-Group and B-Group.  The groups would come to school every other day with all students at home on Fridays. The groups would have on-site at school one day with virtual learning at home the next day. All students would do virtual learning on Friday.” 

Another large factor in going hybrid would be extracurriculars. If we were to go hybrid, extracurriculars could still continue. The sports and activities would continue with scheduled practiced times. The school has many guidelines in place for school and extracurriculars to avoid going hybrid. Some of these precautions include wearing masks, sanitizing equipment and staying 6 feet apart when possible. 

Remaining fully in school, in person, is the goal. But if necessary, the plan for hybrid learning is in place. It would give students a combination of in person and online schooling.