The Xbox Series X Fridge


    Xbox Series X Fridge 


There have been a lot of jokes going around that the Xbox Series X looks like a fridge due to how tall it is vertically. Well,, it turns out that the people at Xbox took that as a challenge to create one themselves, and just like that, the Xbox Series X fridge was born. On October 28, the people at Xbox introduced the Xbox Series X fridge to the world with the opportunity for people to enter a giveaway to win the masterpiece of engineering.




  When it comes to the specs of the new next-generation fridge, the masterpiece spans over 6ft tall and weighs in at 400 pounds. When powered on, the logo on the front of the fridge will light up as well as the pleasant tone of the Xbox booting up sound when you open up the fridge. The fridge also comes with magnificent green lighting when you open the fridge door as well as 4k eating and quiet luxury design. 


How To Enter 


To enter, you have to go to the official Xbox Twitter account, follow them, and use the hashtag “#XSXFridgeSweeps” in a retweet of their official post. One thing is for sure, if you are the one lucky person to own this Fridge, you will have some serious bragging rights in terms of your appliances at your house as well as a good conversation starter for any visitors that come over. In summary, this fridge is an excellent example that as well as Xbox being able to power your dreams, they can also have the ability to power your everyday life as well.