AcaPella and Bravo Step Out at First 2021 Competition


Pella High’s AcaPella and Bravo competed at  Des Moines Chritistian on the 23rd of January. The AcaPella placed first in 3A and placed third overall with junior Meridith Rowe receiving “Best Female Soloist.” And Bravo placed third in the prep division. 

The first competition went really well!” said senior Mason Holland. “We got first place in 3A and got 3rd overall which was exceptional at Des Moines Christian. It was sad not being able to stay and watch other schools perform live, but it was still nice being able to perform and get a score.” 

Throughout the entire show, the group had to wear masks, unless someone had to sing a solo. The three soloists for AcaPella 2021 are Mason Holland, Travis Mitchell, and Rowe. Hannah Tschetter and Jacob Rietveld also have a duet together. 

“Covid hasn’t affected the performance very much other than us having to wear masks,” said Mitchell. “The only thing that it has changed is the competition itself. We can’t watch other schools or hang out, so that has been a bit disappointing.”

Due to all of the changes the past year, show choirs had to get used to the fact they would be wearing masks almost 24/7 for performances. However, people have been getting used to masks and making the best of what they have and will become normal. 

“We’ve figured out how to still create a lot of sound even though we have a barrier,” said Tschetter. “We also have learned the importance of performing with our eyes and bodies since most of our face is hidden from view.” 

Covid has changed a few things for show choir competitions across the country by: wearing masks when performing, not being able to watch other school’s performances, and award announcements on live streams. However, schools are making the best of it by creating spectacular performances. 

“My favorite part of the show is the middle of the ballad when we have a ‘step out’ moment, and it builds vocally to a moment of silence,” said Mitchell. 

After AcaPella watched the awards on a livestream, the entire team was ecstatic about winning 3rd place overall at a 4A competition. Rowe was astounded that she was named “Best Female Soloist”. 

“When they announced me as the best female soloist, I was shocked,” said Rowe. “I always feel like I didn’t do as well as I could’ve, so I was very surprised.” 

The theme for AcaPella this year is “Frozen Heart.” This is an easy theme to relate to this year. Everyone in the country has all experienced Covid one way or another. People have been quarantined and haven’t had a chance to spend time with loved ones.  Show choir is trying to grow together and make the best of things. 

“My favorite part of our show this year is our opening song. It is a strong and powerful song with fun choreography and amazing vocals that really proves what a good show choir we finally have this year,” said Holland. 

Bravo won third in the prep division at Des Christian. They also followed the same precautions and regulations AcaPella had to follow. 

“Our first competition went well,” said freshman Olivia Hood. “Covid definitely had a negative effect on our day, but I was glad to still go. The masks were negative of course, and not getting to go to awards or watch other schools. My favorite part of competing is the time spent with my friends on the bus and performing.” 

AcaPella and Bravo will both perform on Saturday, February 6 at Norwalk Nexus. 

“I think that show choir has been the thing to really look forward to at school,” said Mitchell.  “Activities are one of the reasons that I, and many others, show up and do our school work.”