The “Marshmallow Mafia” Scheme


A bounty hunting scheme has come to Pella High School. A youth group with a plan to take everyone in their group down… with marshmallows. In a game titled “Marshmallow Mafia,” an assortment of students from the youth group at Federated Fellowship Church in Pella brought their hunt into the school. 

Sophomore Treyton Turnbull is part of the Federated youth group and played Marshmallow Mafia. He explained the rules of the game.

“Basically everyone who participated was given a target and had to hunt them down and tag them out with a marshmallow. Once you got your target, you had to track down the target of the person you originally tagged out and so on. The game is basically won by the last man standing at the end,” said Turnbull. “The whole game is very intense because at first, literally anyone could be the person who’s trying to get you out. The catch in the game is that once you attempt to take out your target, if you miss or they deflect the marshmallow, you have to wait until your next encounter with them to try again.”

Unfortunately Turnbull didn’t last long in the game.

“I decided that I probably wouldn’t win, and so my next goal was to get as many people out as possible,” said Turnbull. “I may have taken the game a little too seriously and ended up with 8 confirmed kills before I was taken out.”

 Senior Madison Huddleston was also eliminated early in the game.

“When I first started I was paranoid. I had to pay attention to my surroundings to make sure no one was chasing me and so I wouldn’t miss my target. Now I’m helping Grant Humphrey out, so he doesn’t get eliminated since he is one of three that are still in. I’m still paying attention to my surroundings to make sure no one is coming after him,” said Huddleston.

Senior Grant Humphrey appreciated the help that led to his success.

“As of right now I’m one of three people remaining in the game. As far as what it’s like, it’s very exciting to know that I’m close to winning but also very nerve racking because I’ve got to watch my back and look out for any person that may be coming for me pretty much all the time when I’m at school,” said Humphrey. “But the game itself is a ton of fun to play with a youth group.” 

Breaking news- Humphrey won the game! He was the last man standing, but as a senior, this is his last year.  Who will prevail next year? Turnbull definitely wants to give it a try.

“I loved this game,” said Turnbull,  “and can’t wait till next year.”