Graduating as a Junior


Every person is different and unique in their own way and you have to embrace what you know will make you happy.

I am a junior at Pella High School this year. I will be graduating a full year early to begin my next step sooner. We all know that school isn’t for everyone, and that was the case for me. I have tried my hardest my entire school career, and I just wanted to get on to my next step after high school.

I want to experience working in a management position in a place that makes me happy. I plan on taking a gap year working full time at the Brew Coffee House and taking some online classes from DMACC. It would also be ideal if I could travel to a couple places.  Hopefully that will work out. 

The process of graduating early is manageable because I had most of my credits. My senior year I would only need 3 more credits to meet the graduation requirements for a full diploma. First I made a plan for securing those credits. Then I had to get approval from 4 different people. Once I got those approvals, I was able to start all three of those credits online immediately. I have my first class done, and I have two more classes to finish online by May 1st. That is what the process is looking like for me. 

I also had to order my cap and gown  and hire someone to take my senior photos. I am waiting to apply to colleges and scholarships until next year, my gap year. I am very excited to be in a management position at the age of 17 and also to have the freedom to travel and find myself. I can not wait to see what the future holds for me!