Cupcake Sale for the Homeless


We don’t like to think homelessness is an issue here in Pella, but our student council tackled the issue firsthand. Over two days, student council members put together a sale with eleven dozen cupcakes donated by Cranberry Stone Bakery. Senior Ashley Uitermarkt, Student Council President and organizer of the event, was able to give some insight into the process.

According to Uitermarkt, the sale was over within fifteen minutes due to so many people coming to purchase them. 

We were optimistic that we would be able to sell all of the cupcakes, but we did not expect them to go so fast!” said Uitermarkt. 

Students who were expecting to purchase a cupcake were also surprised, but if the student council were to do the sale again, they would restrict everyone to only purchasing one cupcake, so more people would have the opportunity to enjoy a cupcake.

Because the cupcakes sold were all donated, there are currently no plans to do another sale. The student council would love to do something like this again, but without the donations from generous people like those at Cranberry Stone Bakery, it is not currently possible. Even though something like this will not be possible for a while, Uitermarkt wanted to send her thanks.

A huge thank you to Cranberry Stone Bakery who donated all of the cupcakes for this fundraiser! We are also incredibly grateful to everyone who purchased the cupcakes for making this such a success!” 

Other thanks should be extended to our student council for making such a wonderful opportunity for students to make a difference in their community, so thank you to everyone involved in this process.

Uitermarkt said, “We are incredibly pleased with how this fundraiser went over.  Cranberry Stone Bakery donated all of the cupcakes, so the fundraiser cost us nothing and will hopefully make a difference in the lives of people around our community!”