Taking a Look at Graduating Seniors

Taking a Look at Graduating Seniors

   There have been a lot of new events occurring this year such as having MLK day off, not having to wear masks, and a girls’ wrestling team. However, what isn’t new this school year is the amount of early graduate seniors. It is known that every year there are at least ten seniors that graduate a semester early to either relax, work, or start their future plans. This year, there are more than ten seniors who graduated from high school early, Pella High even has a junior graduating a year early to jump start her future. 

   Students are given opportunities and options to either graduate early or stay in school until they pass all of their required classes. What most of these seniors did was take online classes or take their required classes their last semester of their senior year. An example of this is the government class. Government is a requirement for all seniors to take before they graduate. If you want to graduate, you have to pass the class and other requirements like two extra English classes besides the required three years. 

   Caden Morgan, senior, explained why he wanted to make this decision. “I hated going to school for seven hours a day,” said Morgan. 

   Many seniors did have different reasons for graduating early. Some wanted to start working to get ahead to earn money for their future. Some examples of this are paying for college, traveling, or just starting working right after high school. 

   “I’m working at my high school job until I turn eighteen,” said Morgan. “It’s nice being able to relax when you’re not at work.” Morgan’s current job is at Breadeaux. 

   Another senior that graduated from high school early is Gage Vander Heiden. He said, “I was so happy to get out of school; I don’t miss anything.” 

   Currently, Vander Heiden is working at George’s Pizza. 

   “I’m looking forward to making money while everyone else is paying for school,” said Vander Heiden. 

   The list of early graduating students of the class of 2021-2022 is Kade Almond (JUNIOR GRAD – MAY), Erica Brackin, Bella Clarke, Colton Dingeman, Hunter Dingeman, Connor Folkers, Clayton Henry, Kenny Krogstad, Teagan Langstraat, Tyson Mick, Caden Morgan, Riley Mumford, Kyler Ninemire, Keaton Ryken (JUNIOR GRAD – MAY), Jordan Schippers, Som Somreat, CJ Smith, Tatum Tierney (JUNIOR GRAD – MAY), Jovi Vander Beek, Gage Vander Heiden, Alex VandeVoort, Joey Van Wyk, and Kaylie Whitlock.