Best High School Memories, How I Changed, and Why I don’t Want to get Old


Changing is a normal process throughout life. I thought I would never change because I didn’t believe I needed to. However, that was not the case. I changed a great deal during my time in high school. Even though I didn’t even try, I found myself growing as a person and as an adult. 

As a freshman, I went with the flow,  getting good grades like every other good student does. However, I started to learn what life as a high school student was like, and I began to see life from a different angle as I got older. When you get older you start to see things differently and begin to understand what you truly want in life. You shape how you want your future to look, not anyone else. 

A year later, I became a sophomore, that was one of the quickest school years of my life. I was excited to start taking more difficult classes and challenging myself by trying new things. Then, COVID happened and everything came to a halt. I didn’t know what to do. I was still a good student, so I did my online classes and tried my best to learn. It wasn’t a great time. However, I started to realize how much freedom I had when COVID forced us to move to virtual school. This was the first time in my life when I was able to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday. It felt great, but I still felt sad because I didn’t get to have Tulip Time or get my driver’s license in the court house. Finally, I got my driver’s license, and I finally had my freedom, but I couldn’t go anywhere. 

Sophomore year was an entirely different experience that changed my life. I became more independent and open towards people. When being stuck in a house for months straight, it makes you realize how lucky all of us were before the pandemic. Even as a senior now, the COVID pandemic still has an effect on me. 

The next year was a blur. Junior year is a lot like freshman year with more college classes. I find that this is where I have changed the most because I was starting to become an adult and realize how difficult life can be. However, this change led me to be the person I am today. I have become more mature and open towards new experiences; whereas before, I never tried anything new. I tried tennis even though I am not great at it, but it is still fun, and I talk to people now! 

Starting senior year, I became a whole different person. I opened up to people and tried even more new things. I also became an editor for the school newspaper which gave me a new sense of confidence. I believe being a senior is a great time and the best time for me. You get more freedom, more responsibility, and more experiences.  

High school is a time for change. No matter how hard you try to stay the same, it won’t work. Change is normal, and it leads you to becoming your future self. Don’t fear the future, embrace it.