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The Final Show

Q&A with Senior Hayden DuBois
Selina Lin

Why did you join show choir?

All of my friends were in it and I wanted to do something with them. I felt like it was an opportunity for many memories to come and a different kind of experience in the music field.

Do you remember what your first performance was? If so how did you feel after?

At DCG and I was very tired and nervous but in the end very happy I chose to do show choir 

What would say is the most difficult part of show choir?

Putting the the music and choreography together is very difficult and then really performing the show can be difficult. 

What do you look forward to the most when going into a show choir season?

I look forward to the middle/end of the show choir year because that’s when the show really comes together and it’s gets better every single time we perform it. I also love going to competitions with everybody. It’s always fun whether we win or lose. 

Are there any setbacks you could have from becoming better?

When a large amount of people are gone from rehearsal it can make it difficult to rehearse well and improve as a group.

What have you learned the most from show choir?

It has taught me a sense of team mentality. It’s never about one person for the show. It takes the whole group to make something amazing. 

Has there ever been a point where you wanted to quit? If so why?

During Nov/Dec it’s a lot of practicing and no reward which can get very frustrating at times, especially for the longer rehearsals of 4-5 hours. 

How has being in show choir changed you?  How will your future be different because of your 

experience in show choir?

It’s a community where everyone supports and uplifts each other. Show choir has given me the opportunity to express myself through music and dance, and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything else. There are lots of memories that I will keep forever. Show choir has taught me to respect the art of performing a lot more and that is something I will keep with me throughout my life.

How do you prepare for a show choir performance?

We like to play hype music while we change and get ready. Right before the guys have a quick prayer that we do as well which helps get rid of the nerves. 

What type of songs do you enjoy performing the most? 

I really like doing the Ballad because it carries the biggest message and has the most meaning but the closer is always really fun because it’s hype and fast. 

What do you plan to do now that this big part of your schedule is over? 

I plan to just relax. Show choir takes a lot of time and I’m usually very tired so I will enjoy getting more time to sleep and having my weekends back.

What tips would you give to someone interested in joining show choir? 

First, be prepared to work hard and dedicate time to rehearsals and performances. Show choir requires commitment and teamwork. Second, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new dance moves or vocal techniques. Show choir is all about pushing your boundaries and growing as a performer. Lastly, enjoy every moment and cherish the friendships you make along the way. The memories created in show choir will last a lifetime.


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