Ania Stras Interview

Ania Stras is a foreign exchange student from Belgium. She moved to Pella a week before school started and is currently living with sophomore Megan Kooker. She will be attending Pella High for the remainder of the year.

Q:What do you like about America?
A: “It’s nice. It’s a lot different than I thought it would be like. The movies are different. People are more friendly. I feel like everything is more fast paced and rushed compared to it is in Belgium. In Europe, people see America as bigger and more obese compared to them.”

Q:Are you in any sports? Which ones? Any favorites?
A: “I’m in cross country, and I also run track and field. I love to run.”

Q:What are some differences between our school and your school back in Belgium?
A:”Your school is a lot bigger than ours. I also enjoy how you have more course selections. You have a larger variety of classes compared to my school. We have no choir or band, and track is the only sport we have. But, we have hour long lunches in Belgium. Our school back home has really disgusting food. It’s like hospital food.”

Q:Do you ever get homesick?
A:”No, I’m too busy.”

Q:Do you like all of your classes?
A:”Yes. They are very interesting and different. I tried engineering and art this year. I don’t enjoy all the math homework we get though.”

Ania’s Favorites
Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging out, drawing and sports
Food: Italian Food
Class: History. Mr. (Jerod) Garland is my teacher and he makes the class very fun, lively, energetic, and humorous

Jacob Miedema ([email protected])Ania Stras photo