Konstantine Foreign Exchange Interview

Konstantin Buchholz is a senior being hosted by the family Leydens. He is from Hamburg, Germany, and is glad to be here at Pella High.

Q: What do you like about America so far?
A: I really like the school system and the ability to pick your own classes.

Q: Do you play any sports? If so what are they?
A: I really like to play football, and I’m also looking forward to playing soccer in the spring.

Q: Do you like your classes?
A: Yes, I like all of them.

Q: What are the differences between Pella High and your old school?
A: I really like how you get to pick your own classes, because at my own school you didn’t get the ability to do that.

Konstantin’s Favorites
Hobbies: Football
Music: American rapper Shwayze
Food: Lasagna

•Andre Hernandez ([email protected])Constantine photo