Insurgent or Mockingjay?


We have all heard of the two popular young adult trilogies The Hunger Games and Divergent. Both have been turned into highly famous big-budgeted movie franchises with superstar casts and amazing effects. Each has their own special plot with similar structure, centered around a rebellious, teenage girl and a corrupted government. Which is better?


Insurgent didn’t please the critics, only scoring a 32% on the Rotten Tomatoes critic approval scale. Sure, the movie didn’t follow the book flawlessly (the box that the second half of the movie revolved around wasn’t even a part of the books), but in order for the movie to make sense to people that were going into the movie with little to no knowledge on the plot it had to be done. Opening weekend garnered about the same box office intake for both installments of the trilogy.  Insurgent earned 54 million while it’s predecessor, Divergent, earned 54.6 million its opening week a year ago. Overall the movie was very pleasing and action-packed, the ending sending you to the edge of your seat. No spoilers, though.

Mockingjay Part 1 fared better, scoring a 65% from Rotten Tomatoes. Plot-wise, the movie was fairly close to the original storyline, hitting most of the major events depicted in the book. There were some things that were out of order to help movie-only fans understand and stitch all the pieces together by the end of the movie. The end leaves you wanting more.  It is not quite a cliffhanger, but it leaves a lot of things up in the air for the second installment to tie together. The opening weekend income almost tripled what Insurgent made, 122 million just in the U.S. Overall Mockingjay is an amazing drama that builds suspense throughout the duration and explodes into an exciting frenzy in the last thirty minutes of the movie.


Both of the series have strong female heroes that battle with the corrupt government in order to create a better society. But they might as well be polar opposites. Katniss has a very stubborn, very driven personality that stays true the whole series. Tris, on the other hand, is driven on her mission, but she changes sides many times throughout the saga. That might be part of the appeal, never knowing what she will do, but it gets frustrating after watching her change her mind five different times during the same situation. Sometimes a constant personality in an ever-changing plot is good to have for some consistency in the story. Ultimately both young heroines “save the day” and help promote change in their society.


In conclusion, both movies are very intriguing and have a very jam-packed plot line filled with a lot of twists and turn along the way. If you can, go and see both and decide for yourself which one you like best. Mockingjay Part 1 is available on DVD and digital download, and Insurgent is in theaters now.