High School Construction


Brenna Hildebrand

It’s hard not to notice the construction our school has been going through for the past year. But what is actually happening? Eric Nelson supplied more details on the construction.

First off, the budget for the entire school is 19 million dollars. Whether the construction is on schedule is up for debate.

“We are on schedule for some things and behind for other things. So basically the second floor is on schedule and was completed for school. We were hoping that the first floor would be completed but we are a couple weeks late,” said Nelson.


Construction Projects Highlights


Auditorium: The auditorium was completed and cost about $250,000. The difference is very obvious to someone who has seen the auditorium before it’s renovation. Some of the changes include new chairs, paint on the stages, and new curtains.

Waiting Approval:

Room 113: The old study hall room (room 113) is currently blocked off during its construction. Currently, there is a beam in the room that still needs its engineering approved from the city.

Near Future:

Air conditioning: HVAC units for the second floor is completed. HVAC units are heat pumps that combine heating and cooling. Air conditioning units go into first floor in the second week of September.

Office Area:

The high school office area was planned to be done by winter break, but they will actually be in there before winter break. This is one of the place that is ahead of schedule. They are expected to be back in the offices in November.

Still A Ways Away:

East Wing: The east wing, which includes the cafeteria, workout room, and the wrestling room, was supposed to be done in January. It turns out that it will actually be completed closer to Spring Break.


•Allison Clark, [email protected]