Bowling Preview


Brenna Hildebrand

Last year the boys’ Pella High bowling team won all of their games, and placed 2nd at conference and 2nd at the state qualifying meet. Graduated senior Cameron Miller competed at the state tournament last year.
“The girls’ team did not compete at state last year because their numbers were too low,” said sophomore Logan Ruth.

This year the girls numbers have tripled, going from three players to ten players. The guys have gone from eleven players last year to twelve this year. The boys’ team lost two seniors from last year, including Miller.

“I think that the bowling team will do great this year, even though we lost two good bowlers as they were seniors last year,” said sophomore Derek Hackman.

The Pella Bowling team practices at Excite-A-Bowl after school. The JV team has 10 games and the varsity has 13 games. Those three extra games include the Little Hawkeye Meet, Sub State, and the State Tournament. The games usually are played on Saturdays, and the first game takes place on December 3.

“I am going to try to get better by listening to the coaches and seeing what they have to say about how I am throwing the ball and where I need to throw it to hit the pocket to get a strike,” said Hackman.

Drew VanHauen, [email protected]