Nintendo Switch


Drake Beard

Recently, Nintendo has announced that it is coming out with a new console called the Nintendo Switch. This new craze is going to be released on March 3. The only glimpse the public has seen of the  Nintendo Switch is the Youtube video that was published on October 20. But, here’s a list of everything we know so far about the Nintendo Switch.

First up on the list is that you can take your Nintendo Switch anywhere you go. With its design, you can have your console connected to the TV, but if you are going somewhere, you can disconnect the switch and take it anywhere. It also has many different control options. Such as, there are two controllers on each side of the switch screen. You can take those off for you and a friend to play a game. You can also use both controllers like a Wii Remote with a Nunchuk. You could attach it to a Joy-Con Grip to make it like the gamepad or you could buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Another feature it will include is that you can play games from Nintendo and other software makers such as; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Mario Kart 8, Just Dance and a whole lot more.

A fourth feature is that Nintendo will be including many different platforms that were involved in the development of the Nintendo Switch. There is a total of 49 different platforms. ACTIVISION, ATLUS, CAPCOM, EA, SEGA, Tt GAMES, UBISOFT, WARNER BROS. PICTURES and UNITY are some of the big-named platforms. Along with the Nintendo Switch, you can go old school by being able to go out and buy games on a small SD card-sized memory card. It’s just as if you have the very first Nintendo DS where we had to insert the game into the back of the DS in order to play. But don’t worry, you can still go online and buy games digitally. The last thing that we know so far about the Nintendo Switch is that it will have a kickstand. So you don’t need to worry about having to hold your tablet you can just flip out the kickstand.

This new console is going to be priced at $299.99; games are going to be around $40 to $60. The Pro Controller is priced around $65, and a pair of Joy-Con controllers are $75. If this peaked your interest, there’s a trailer First Look at Nintendo Switch on Youtube.