Modern Day Trends for Guys


2014 Adam Katz Sinding

Caleb Piersma

Comb Over Hair with Shaved Sides – This look is one you can find on most celebrities and soccer players. The new look is of putting your hair pushed or combed over to one side, while making the sides super short. Guys are also going for the scruffy look to top the look off.

Beanie – So, when guys don’t want to do their hair in the morning, they just throw on a beanie. Even if it is in the dead of summer, they still wear them. They make sure to have the front of their hair showing and then the beanie hanging off the backside of their head.

Flannel/Plaid – This style used to be just for lumberjacks and woodsmen, but now it is coming into style for guys. Guys are wearing a lot more flannels but putting their own touch on them. Either buttoning up the top button, putting a cardigan over it, or not buttoning the shirt and wearing a shirt under the flannel.

Fit Jeans – Guys used to just buy normal jeans that weren’t tight fitting at all. They used to get Levi’s or Wrangler. But, now the fit jeans are coming into style. Skinny jeans still are not as widely accepted, but slim, straight fitting jeans is the way to go. P.S.- American Eagle makes some sweet extreme flex jeans. They are super comfy, and they are very stretchy.

Joggers – This trend is sweeping the nation for guys. Guys used to wear the long, baggy sweatpants, but now the tight, elastic cuffs are in. Joggers range from fleece, khaki, twill, and even denim.

Vans – These shoes are being worn more and more frequently with guys. Vans used to be a company for skateboarders and rebels alike, but now it is societally okay to wear these as a jock. These canvas style shoes are being worn by lots of guys who want to look stylish.