Marching Dutch Drum Major Interview


Tessa Vandermolen

The Marching Dutch performed their show “Pinball Wizard” at the homecoming game halftime. Saturday night they also hosted the Marching Dutch Invitational.Junior Levi Dugger is a drum major for the Pella marching band. Reporter Tessa Vander Molen interviewed Dugger about his role as drum major and the Marching Dutch’s show.

Q: As a drum major, what do you feel like when you’re in front of hundreds of people?
A: As a drum major, it is one of the coolest things I’ve ever gotten to do. It is a real honor to stand in front of such an amazing band.

Q: Can anyone become a drum major?
A: Not everyone can become a drum major. It takes a lot of confidence to stand in front of a bunch of people who all have their eyes on you.

Q: Can you describe the halftime show that is for this season?
A: Our show this year is called Tommy based on a rock opera from the 60s. The music is based off the soundtrack for the movie by The Who. The songs we are playing are some of the best from that soundtrack including; “Tommy” (based on the song Overture), “Pinball Wizard,” and “See Me, Feel Me.”

Q: How have you prepared for this event?
A: We started band camp two weeks before school started and practice for about three hours every day. Now that school has started, we start practice at 7:30 every morning.

Q: What has been the best part of being a drum major?
A: The best part about being the drum major for Pella is getting to win a lot of awards.